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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

At Style Fashion 4You, we highly value the confidentiality of your information and understand the importance of safeguarding it. This Privacy Policy outlines the measures we take to protect your privacy when you make a purchase with us.

1. Information Collection:
When you make a purchase, create a new account, or contact us via our contact form, we request personal information that is collected and securely stored in our database. This includes details on the resources accessed, such as traffic statistics, location, and other messaging information.

This information is primarily used to enhance our services to you, facilitating product and service delivery, securing checkouts, verifying identity, preventing fraud, and improving your overall shopping experience.

2. Mailing List:
For mailing purposes, we may use your personal data to send you information about new products, special deals, and enhancements to our customer services. You can opt out of this subscription at any time by emailing us at sales@stylefashion4you.com.

3. Security and Confidentiality:
All private information is kept secure and is solely used for customer interaction. We do not disclose your personal information to any third Company Parties unless required by law. Don’t Worry

4. Size and Color Disclaimer:
Please note that we do not offer refunds or returns for incorrect size and color choices, as orders are processed according to your specified preferences. Size charts are available on our website to help you make informed decisions. For further assistance, you can contact us at sales@stylefashion4you.com .

5. Returns and Exchanges:
a. If the jacket does not fit satisfactorily, you can exchange it within 7 days in good, sellable condition.
b. No refund or exchange is offered for specially made orders tailored to your provided size.
c. We do not offer refunds, returns, or exchanges for clothing purchased together in a single transaction.

6. Order Verification and Cancellation:
a. Orders can be canceled within 3 days with a 25% deduction on the jacket’s amount.
b. Orders canceled within 7 days incur a 45% deduction on the full amount.
c. No cancellations are accepted after 7 days of order verification.

7. Quality Assurance:
Before mailing new orders, our quality department thoroughly checks the product for quality. If the garment is found to be unsatisfactory during delivery, we will promptly send a replacement with priority shipment, covering all costs.

8. Refund Policy:
Refunds are only accepted if we fail to dispatch the product within 29 working days after receiving your payment. In the event that we cannot verify delivery to your specified address, a full refund, including shipment charges, will be issued.

For any queries or concerns regarding our Privacy Policy, please contact us at sales@stylefashion4you.com. We appreciate your trust in Style Fashion 4You, and we are committed to protecting your privacy.